nutritious cheap dessert, recycling gone wrong

25 07 2008

Instead of throwing money on desserts at restaurants, and even parfaits/sundaes at BurgerKing, I decided to make cheap,easy desserts at home.  Lo and behold, the strawberry/berry pie parfait:

mini pie crusts ($2.25 for six), frozen berries ($1.99/bag), strawberry cream cheese (optional, $1.99), cool whip (generic $0.99)

Spread cream cheese at bottom of crust, put some thawed berries on top, cover with cool whip.  Eat.   I’ve already made six pies with the tubs and half a bag left of berries, and I’ve felt good that I filled myself up with antioxidants.

In terms of recycling gone wrong, today was recycling day, and guess what, the recyclers didn’t pick up my recycling container, and it got dumped with the garbage!  (I bagged the plastics and cans, so it looked like garbage!)  WHAT A WASTE




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