geez I’m using coupons/discounts left and right

19 08 2008

Well, it actualy worked, I was patient enough to wait til taxfree weekend here in Texas and bought pair of slacks: $10, hanes nightgown, 9.88, and that soma intimates, #3 for $27 all sales tax free.  I rue over not keeping some pens/pencils in my car to donate to a school supply drive at Soma which could have netted another 10% off!   It continued with my 20% off Souper Salad coupon (for signing up for their club) and using 20% off at Linen and Things to buy a tablemate at 6 bucks off.   Lastly was the coup de resistance of waiting til Tuesday to go to Ross with my mom for a 10% senior discount, which saved us five bucks.  The Ross store was a blessing cuz I nearly plunked 108 bucks for a dress at Macys and found a similar one at 17 bucks at Ross.  It kinda looks like this dress:

I lost an autograph auction and that saved me 11 bucks.  HAHA.  Another pic is up for auction however.




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