Pizza time/Fido Magazine

30 08 2008

I made a more nutrititous pizza pie since I am watching money and carbs…

pizza crust 1.00, Pizza sauce 1.29/can; used 1/3 a can, spinach bag 3.00 used 1/2bag, cheese 0.99/bag used 1/3 of bag

So for a 14inch diameter pie= around $3.00 and with less calories and fat.  I baked it 15 min. at 375 deg.

I also went to look at Fido magazine with Crystal Hunt on the cover (she’s a sweetie from Guiding Light, playing the teen Lizzie after Hadyn Panitierre left the show).  It was four bucks, so I’m doing what I can to just read her article online.  Hoping it will be up on her own site!

I just realized also I picked up one of my 4lb weights and thought man I did lose 4lbs and it does seem hefty! So for folks who think 1-4lb weight loss isn’t much, pick up a weight in one hand.




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