Waaah more bills!

5 09 2008

more bills waaaaahhhh!

I had a slight well big setback…I had several lab tests done on me, and I’m going to pay over $500 bucks on them.  Yup, my health insurance sucks that much.  Anyway, I’m going to pawn a necklace downtown and I’ll tell you all how that goes. 

I won gift cards for Wendys, VisaGiftCard, Starbucks, Shell for a total of $73 this year.  Not too shabby.

I’ve been thinking about purchases I have not made with second thoughts, and I’m guessing with the lab tests I have to think about not making flight of fancy purchases.  There were Skechers sandals at $110.00, Champions shoes $25, and a book for 4.00, well if it was a series would have been $16.  BOYY did I want those Keds! I found a pair of good sneakers my mom never wears so I “borrowed” them for work. 

HEB had a 160 $100 gift card giveaway in Texas, so wish me good luck on those.  It ends 9/16.




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