Glasses for a dollar

28 09 2008

99cents store is going out of business here, and perhaps I should’ve waited when all the prices went below for going out of business but was afraid I’d lose some items.  Since I lose sunglasses all the time, I love buying dollar sunglasses.  This pair had Kohls label with ARV=$26!  It was the only Kohls item left.

More purchases at 99cents store.  That X-men inspirational plaque, SHOCKED it was selling at the store; I’d never seen it before. (a bargain for an X-men fan) The Storm one had “attitude” as its inspiration title.  I almost bought the Wolverine one, but then reconsidered since I am so anti-Wolverine. The other day I couldn’t find it; it sold a day after the ad was out!?  The 21-postcard Mexico book; there were TONS of those!  I bought one for a friend and for myself.  A nickel per postcard?  You can’t beat that!  Also got 3pairs of socks for 99cents.  Good lawd, how much I wasted going to walmart and target on socks. 

So a pretty good haul; too bad these stores are closing by end of year.




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