Oh wait I do have something to mention!

20 10 2008

I am reading (yes after a year of not reading I’m finally reading) a book called “The Millionaire in You.”  OMG hilarious!  The author actually went on and stated to marry a cheap spouse and have fewest children as possible cuz they cost about $175,000 to raise (guess middle class).  He’s a DINK (double income with no kids). I really appreciated the candor of this book, so I’d recommend it.


I LOVE Brian Bloom’s voice here!   I LOVE the Cadillac ads here done this year, Brian Bloom who was first Dusty on As the World Turns in the 80s did three of them, my favorite is the one called “Graduate”  I also loved the Kate Walsh one.  However, financially speaking I couldn’t afford these Cadillacs and would drive my Camry for gajillion years.




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