Walgreens and pet supplies

18 01 2009

woohoo, used more coupons that I actually needed for items I needed/wanted.  (Not just I cut the coupon so now i have to get it attitude)   I was patient enough to buy almonds that were two cans for 3.29(buy one get one free) and THEN use a Sunday paper coupon at 0.75 off so for 2 cans 1.30 each.  That’s the least I’ve ever bought that brand for.  Yipee!   I also made a tally of what pet supplies I was able to save on, and not only was the cat able to get what he wanted instead of forcing him to eat cheap WalMart food that he doesn’t like, I was unlazy enough to bargain hunt.  At Petco, his brand was on sale for 10 pouches with 2 free.   Altogether, I saved 15 cents for pouch (12 pouches today).   I had Similar thing going at Petsmart with their free membership program and got it marked down 9 cents a pouch.  YOu may think this is so paltry, but it adds up to perhaps $30 for the whole year of kitty chow.   I did the petco survey and will get $2 off my next purchase of cat food bag.  On another kity note, I got a $9.00 rebate back for a kitty litter brand!   Also wish us luck for the Kitten Magazine cuty kitty pic of the year.  First prize is year’s supply of Nutro chow brand, which was kitty’s preferred choice.




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