new tactic

18 02 2009

Hi guys, I’ve gotten PMs about writing more on this blog rather than the sporadic 1 post per every 2 weeks.   So I guess I will intersperse my bargain posts with posts about other things going on.  I guess I also need to introduce myself as folks asked who I was.  Believe me, I’ve been blogging for 4yrs and I LOVE IT!  I don’t have much of an audience offline especially where I don’t have to refrain myself and feeling like a boring person in real life.  (sux!)  I do have a lot to say just never the audience for it.  To make a long story short, I’ll allow myself to post more beyond bargains. 

Yes I’ve been blogging for 4yrs.  I don’t even recall my passwords for the old blogs I have.  I had a small audience too just from posters of the soap opera boards that found my link where I ranted about actors, soaps, celeb culture.  It was so minute that I didn’t get an audience beyond 20 folks! (and it soapworld that was a LOT!)  Anyways, I could answer some q’s folks asked about me.

Am I so frugal that I take it to the extreme???    A:  yes and no.  I have no desire to travel unless I can win a trip.  I did a mega vacation a year ago with the Grand Canyon, Macau, Singapore, Thailand and that covered me for the next 10yrs haha.  Actually I found out I was doing better than most Americans where the statistic was only 10% left the American borders!    I hardly wear makeup, but I did splurge on Estee Lauder cuz my vice are the little cosmetic bags that you get free w/purchase.  I let this one go cuz I rarely spend all that much on clothing/cosmetics anyways. 

What is the best advice I can give on folks needing to save money?   If are getting cabin fever and need some free entertainment, search your library for their DVD/CD collections and yup even books for you youngins out there.  Back to the DVD/CD’s, if your library is part of a bigger branch, they can transport items from other branch to your own local branch thus saving you a trip.  I do this often cuz i hate driving.  I go thru their exercise DVDs cuz I like variety and this is they way I can get it.  Also, search for their services, the Htown branch I saw had 2hr laptop rentals so you can go online privately so you don’t have to use a kiosk.  Plus their magazines are there and it is worth it just to read a batch one lazy afternoon than buying a stack.  Don’t EVER feel nerdy for using your library.  I’ve seen folks and sizes and all ages there and they mind their own business.




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