more bargains and ruminations

3 04 2009

MMMMM…I had a fab hot dog with all the trimmings for a dollar sale at Exxon. $1.69 for iced coffee and $1 Redbox outside the Exxon for Marley and Me! I often wondered why the other gas stations didn’t compete with Exxon’s TigerMart which offered much more than the other gas stations (starting with Iced Coffee). I rued over a mindless purchase of $35 for Clinique products (I’m not happy with my Estee Lauder powder, but it is adequate).

I checked out The Survivor’s Club which came out last month and luckily got aheadof the waiting list. I’m glad that I didn’t spend the 25 bucks on it (then again, I don’t buy books anymore!) since I am losing interest at Chapter 1!

I’ve been asked if I am just totally so cheap I couldn’t even bare to spend here and there. Well ahem I did mention I splurge on Estee and Clinique! (even then it is just 1-3 purchases a year). I do enjoy restaurants here and there and wanted to pimp ones my buddies took me (and yes I footed the tab for those asking if I am such a moocher). Dumpling King is a small nook on Weistheimer and it was pretty decent for yummy dumplings! We went to Grand Lux near Galleria which was a higher end type Cheesecake Factory, and that was a great splurge too with a great menu (I loved their spinach dip). I have miraculously made my 7 cookies I bought there last 2 weeks. Great splurges done occasionally=worth it…though I couldn’t imagine do it often cuz you know me!




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