inexpensive blessings

29 04 2009

After mulling about not goin to work after the terrible floods in Htown, I made one of my best choices. (Instead of taking the whole day off I willed myself to show up for 2/3 of day). It ended up being sunny by 2pm, and escaped a day of being woeful and guilty of being accused of being lazy (longstory=crappy job where I’m feeling like crap). The sweet hereafter was since most took a day off apparantly cuz there was ZERO traffic on the way back home! That had never happened til now! Who would have thought that totally brightened up my day!

I should cherish my victories and warm fuzzy feelings. The week after refrying my hair (and seeing my hairstylist whom I had not seen in ages cuz of my frugal ways) my hair got less kinkier so it looks better now. whew. She shared some hilarious frugal stories with me about how when she was younger, she and her friends would dumpster dive behind the wal-mart and actually make money selling that trash! LMAO! Priceless.

For the blog readers who have been feeling the strain of the economy…best wishes to all. I’m hearing such terrible layoff stories and folks going broke. Here’s hoping to bright times.




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