more bargain hunting

5 05 2009

It was a non-financial week guys, I did use a 25% coupon at Borders and with the best luck ever found a book I wanted (they sell so many xmen paperbacks) and final tab was 12 bucks. Later in the day my friend took me to Borders again, and I found a 50% dvd lying around (cardio) and paid 7bucks on it. Let’s hope it was worth that bargain and I actually work out to it!

I’ve been splurging a bit, and I’m stuck in a rut in Htown. I’m psyched tomorrow since I’m a magazine junkie and will splurge to find French Elle a special issue where the cover models are w/o makeup. Really a milestone and I gotta drive into town to a mag store I only heard about yesterday from a friend. I also wanted some variety in the restaurants I go to and will try out Dessert Gallery. On Mother’s day (BARGAINS GALORE) I’ll get my buy one entree get one free with mom at Dessert Gallery PLUS some free cookies/treats at Michaels!




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