cleaned house at Half-Price and other insights

29 05 2009

I was pleasantly surprised at the 20% discount for Memorial Day weekend that I had no clue about until I entered the HalfPrice bookstore. I bought a knitting kit for six bucks (with color yarn I really liked), a software game for 4 bucks and a book (not shown) for 8 bucks that I really wanted (Imponderables fan for 20yrs!).

Well, I did want to add my insights on other free stuff I do to besides bargains. Today I volunteered at a pet shelter and it was nice to assist folks and help out with the kitties. The cats get neglected since many volunteers help out with the dogs moreso. I think those cats ACHED for human attention! They were always purring at me! So I really love being a kitty station attendant.

My other freebie was assisting a friend I hadn’t seen in over 12yrs. She opened up a spa/wellness center and I knew plenty of folks who could use her services. I felt great to assist her in getting word of mouth out. and I’m NOT so cheap that wouldn’t use her services. Over the years I’ve wanted some pampering services and wanted to see what a facial feels like. I’ll use her services someday.




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