frugal vacation ever

8 06 2009

YES I do take vacations I would travel more if I had more dough/disposeable income. I’m really psyched I’m going to San Jose, San Francisco, and Vegas!!!! Whoopee!
I did everything I could for such last minute prep (one week ahead) to save some dough here there: Here’s some things I did:

1) I was flabberghasted at how high the airfares were to west coast even on expedia and gave up and went to my AAA travel agency. They managed to find airfares for my flights $800 CHEAPER than what I had found online. So, ALWAYS use all the possible resources here instead of resorting to just online.

2) AAA gave me way too high hotel fares, so I pulled the opposite here and went online. I got nights at Arena Hotel on discount through Orbitz $30 down. The best AAA could do was $135 per night for their hotels. I got the Arena in San Jose for $62 a night. (AND, now you know why we are flying to San Jose, just much cheaper airfare and hotels.) I chose this hotel knock on wood it looks decent from pics I saw because it was close to the airport, offered free dinners and breakfasts WOW, and had onsite laundromat since I hate weighing my suit down with more crap. We needed a rental car no matter what, so we got our AAA Hertz discount plus the $10 dollars off coupon.

3)After much finangling in a 12hr time span where the prices went up $12, I found expedia prices and online coupons and got the Imperial Hotel prices at $65 a night, not too shabby for the weekend.

4)We printed out $6 off for the Winchester mansion tour (whew). We got a deal with the Imperial Palace hotel with the Steve Wyrick show marked down $50 dollars, which was then sold out 12hrs after we purchased online (double whew).

I think the blasted thing we did was register for a Bay Cruise tour in SF with the misleading online ad saying 35% off. It WASN’T. The original cruise tour website was discounted if you registered online by 10 bucks. DANGIT! They are nonrefundable too! So it is misleading to think by NOT going to the original website to get tickets instead of those discounted sites you’d lost out. Lesson: Always check EVERY resource!




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