27 06 2009

You win some you lose some, I went to a semicrappy free art class with recycled material. At least I got to use a glass etcher! I will stick to the HobbyLobby sponsored ones in Central Branch. (AND Remind myself to use my library card for my 10% discount for coffee). Oodles of free gifts galore. I took family to the Casino, and we netted 300 bucks for the day’s gambling. I got to play 3 bonuses on the slots, a huge record. We spent 10 bucks on the busride, and 3bucks to tip the waiter and bus driver. We got food vouchers for the busride, got comps from our card membership, so our buffets costed $2.20 per person. WHERE ELSE CAN YOU GET BUFFET THAT CHEAP? I tasted the Mississippi Mud pie slice, and it is goin straight to my hips! Below is the free mousepad I got PLUS a notebook I picked up from volunteering as a reading tutor.

Here was the goody bag from the fashion show I went to. LOVE that SCARF!




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