Galveston trip, plus, what do I fritter money on?

5 07 2009

Some have asked me with me being so Spartan, do I actually let loose and splurge. OMG yes, besides the gourmet chocolate (see below), I LOVE seeing shows, and I did manage to go to Vegas for them and for this 4th of July we went to see the CurtMiller magic show. We saw his free show in Sugar Land few months back which was only a taste of what he could do. I WAS BLOWN AWAY and I couldn’t believe he didn’t charge more than 20 bucks for his show. It nearly rivalled the magic show we saw in Vegas (at 75 bucks a ticket at Planet Hollywood). So don’t always think you’ll always get a lousy bargain!
Another splurge, growing up, I was obsessed with magazines and at one point I wanted to become a magazine editor. Suffice to say nowadays with advent of Internet, that is now an antiquated idea, unless you become an online editor. So now we have zero subscriptions except the free one I get from cbs called Watch. Oh, and a Canadian one I get for free called Rouge Magazine.

Back to the Galveston trip referenced below…we went to Rainforest Cafe, and I LOVED IT! We got a 10 dollars off coupon from their website and managed to make another meal with our leftover boxes. Of course there’s one in Htown but I had never been there before. I went to downtown the Strand for the first time despite going to Galveston growin up, and there were cute store here and there. We went to a gift shop on 25th street near Seawall and I bought a GORGEOUS mood ring (multicolored one) for 4 bucks. I thought it looked like the ones I saw going for 20bucks plus at costume jewelry places! I was so smitten with it and hoped other gift shops had it (since we drove away from Seawall and didn’t want to beat traffic to go there again). Alas that little shop was the only place with it.




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