hard returns, trips, etc

5 07 2009

Well, I did a difficult decision in returning the shoes I bought from Avon. I loved the style, but the color was atrocious! It was solid gold and didn’t match with anything. I was this close to having them dyed for 25 bucks, but with my fixed income, I thought better and returned them and did a net loss of 7 bucks to ship them back. Otherwise it would have been 50 dollars for the shoes to buy and dye. You win some lose some. I finangled on my eyeglasses/contacts purchase, and my only reegret was getting new glasses when honestly my eyesight didn’t change much in 18 months. The best I could do was get cheaper frames from my Vanderbilt ones and save 40 bucks there. By doing everything at Wal-Mart (BTW, they contracted with 1-800contacts), They gave me a 5 dollar discount for being a repeat patient, and 30 dollar mail-in rebate for my Acuvue. Oh and 10 bucks off for buying a year’s supply.




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