count your blessings

10 07 2009

I just sent a care package to a donor program in Iraq for soldiers. I can only hope the candy I sent didn’t melt. It was CVS hard candy (2 bags worth) plus a snack size bag of cookies, plus some newspapers since I was told servicedudes liked reading news from back home. I also had a fold up drinking cup I picked up at a fair. Oddly, it was only 7 bucks priority mail to send the box overseas!

With the swine flu still rampaging overseas, my mum and I did care packages for my aunt/cousin who live in such a rural area. We sent face masks, Purell wipes, some coloring books for my first cousin once removed, and some toys that enlarge when put in water (we did the best we could finding something interesting). The books and toys came from Dollar Tree. Don’t ever forget these gems of a store. The whole parcel of toys/books for him came to: FOUR BUCKS! IN fact I was so curious about the tiny toys I bought one and put them in water, from a tiny alligator to a gigantic alligator!




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