Acuvue $30 rebate caper, free mocha

12 07 2009

I got Acuvue contact lenses yearly, and this time really tried to get the best deal ever. had it for 167 bucks. I went to Wal-Mart and they said with rebates/discounts they could get it to $170, so I gave in and said okay. I got the contacts plus the rebate form. I got back home and couple days later worked on the form. It was the wrong form for the wrong kind. I thought, maybe I got screwed at walmart, and will go online and get the rebate form there. They had one for $20, so I thought well it was better than nothing, and print out. THEN I read the FINE print and said NOT VALID FOR WAL_MART and 1800CONTACTS.COM ORDERS! I was actually goin to complain at the walmart store, but I went there to ask if there was truly a correct form, and she gave me on for $30 off. WHEW. So the original discounted price that matched the website was correct. BTW, did MERGE with WalMart eye store, so hence the similar prices
HEADS UP: MCdonalds is offering Free 8 oz mochas every Monday for this summer! YIPEE!




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