homemade snuggie, mags subscriptions

24 07 2009

I don’t know how we did it, but we managed to make a homemade snuggie. Those snuggies sold on informercials are hovering around 20 bucks with s/h. I made mine for six bucks. I’ll post up pics soon. It’s not fancy as we bought two rectangle scraps of plushy fabric from WalMart at 3 bucks each. We sewed the top leaving a hole for the neck. We cut the bottoms to make into short sleeves which reach down my elbow. It looks Dashiki like, but hey it works.

We accumulated points from a 3 year range on Continental rewards, and we honestly were NOT going to do anything with the points since they were so small in amount. I did some research and discovered there were affordable magazines I could take (that I would never have bothered buying/subscribing) for under 1500 points. SO now we have Health and Money magazines. Yipee! (I do read Money and have read Health in Dr’s offices).

We also were thrilled we could transfer American Express points (yup accumulating points over a perhaps 3yrs period again) to Continental. However, when we hit a snafu online, I called customer service and was told our Amex card was so low tier we couldn’t transfer. So the best we could do was redeem the award points for a $25 gift card. YES, it was roughly 9,000 bucks on the cards for this bonus, but it was accumulated over 3 plus years!

Being on numerous points programs like these DID not encourage us to spend, unlike what most would psychologically do. I guess it is just our nature not to spend wildly. CUZ we are on fixed incomes! But it was fun to pick out rewards/awards like that.




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