trips here and there

25 07 2009

Starbucks free pastry coupon: Printed and used for a zucchini muffin. Yum
Schlotksy’s free drink coupon and free cinnabon & coffee offer??? At least used the free chips coupon. Well great, I waited til 3pm for Sclotskys and the place ended up not serving any. I was too tired to drive all they way to downtown. The plus however was printing out a free chips coupon for my lunch.
I had to get my car fixed and the highlight was that the dealership did serve snacks so I got a
Free newspaper, Otis Spunkmeyer cookie, soft drinks, and read InStyle magazine that someone left in the waiting room.
HalfPrice books 5.98 versus 6.98? I got a Mental Floss book for 5.98 but another duplicate copy on the same shelf costed 6.98. They looked same condition to me. Also, I checked out writers’ market book sold for 9.99: semi rip-off, since All the mags/newsletters they mentioned was already mentioned on several writing sites.
I finally got to PF Changs and I LOVED IT! I loved the slaw and some chicken wraps they had. We used the 10% coupon we got from seeing the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit. However, looks like we won’t go there too often since it was running around 13 bucks per person.




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