GI Joe Influence, used my amazon card

30 07 2009

I finally got all my Chevron Gift cards I won which totalled to $15. I also got to use my Century 21 $10 gift card for a book I wanted on Amazon. I was this close to shelling out the 8 bucks to get it at Barnes/Noble. These were the Armchair Reader series that I don’t see at the libraries here.

I also hadn’t bought Jeans in yrs besides that $6 dollar one I got a year ago. I found ones for 6 bucks again from the Erika line at Ross! However, they are so freakin long and I’m short that I need to get them tailored. Yup, my first thought with the pair was Shipwreck from GI Joe. OMG, I ‘ve been killin time watching old eppys, and man were these stories complex! Some I think just went over my head when I was little. There was ACTUALLY a finance joke with Shipwreck storming into Cobra headquarters and freaked out at seeing Cobra’s benefit plan lying around and freaking out about Cobra employees having a health plan! HAHA!




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