Amazon finds, some trips, donations

10 10 2009

I had some really good finds at Amazon. With the 22 bucks I got back for the trade-in program (sellling off DVDs I do not miss), I got in return an armchair reader for 8 bucks and Ninja Reflex Wii for 7 bucks. I didn’t think I’d ever get a Wii game that cheap! I did gave in and buy Wii Fit Plus (and was wondering how much more they would have), WOW was I impressed! They had 20 more games on the Plus which I LOVE, and made my Wii gamestation purchase worth it. I am most likely going to give my exercise DVDs and Youtube clips a break and stick to Wii.
I went to an open house for a volunteering place, and BOY was I glad I saw it to see what I didn’t miss. I was mulling for the past year whether I should make the effort to drive such a distance for volunteering, but now that I saw it didn’t miss anything. I also rarely go to exhibits like those by myself, but GLAD I hadn’t dragged any friends with me. I was only there for a few minutes to support their bake drive and that was it.




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