Coinstar, Marshall’s

14 11 2009

I heard Coinstar was doing that 40 dollars for a 10 dollar certificate deal, so I’ll try it out. It won’t be a wasted trip since I can convert my coins into a Borders gift card since I go to Borders often nearby my home. I also got a free See’s Candy coupon thru the mail so I’ll be going to the mall for that, IN ADDITION to a $10 dollar gift card I’ll get for being a Mall Club member! WOW, 20 extra bucks for one day’s errands!

My Marshall’s trip was a success; I found a pair of navy blue slacks for 10 bucks. I do business casual wear at work, so it worked out for me. I ALMOST bought a new pair of jeans for 20 bucks and it did need alterations for another 10 bucks, and I couldn’t tolerate that. I’m really surprised not more upper class folks shop at Marhall’s and Ross. They have higher end clothes for a reduced price. I mean what couldn’t be better? I bought dark navy blue jeans that were new at six bucks! They are still dark navy blue. Though it did look like a WHOLE lot of folks shop at my Marshalls, it was packed for a weekday!




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