Most Productive Thanksgiving in History

26 11 2009

BOY, did I get a whole lot done today. I recycled all my shredded junk mail and plastics (in fact, we are down to one garbage bag per week) and dropped off a UPS shipment (yes it will be picked up Friday) in a drop box. I totaled all my sales this year thru Half-Price and Amazon trade-ins (and one Toys R Us Wii game trade-in) and it came to $40 bucks. Miraculous. (and paid off my purchases, see below post). I was pretty dang proud of myself of not overeating this holiday. I’m needed to lose the 5lbs. I gained through the year.

I made my first Ebay celeb souveneir purchase in years. So I gotta be patting myself on the back that I curbed that down over time. I swore I did my best finding Ebay coupon codes, but wow they are rare!




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