Year end Review?, more deals

26 12 2009

HI guys, long time no see I know. I had some good holiday bargains, and decided to just accumulate them altogether here. Hoping everyone is having a happy holidays!

My Xmas gift budget was a hundred bucks for several folks.
-Thankfully some were given the Sams Club cat calendars we made and they loved them.
-I managed to get a 5 dollar gift card from Toy/Baby R Us for selling my Wii Sports Game. I WAS going to give that gift card to a friend, but decided to use it for another friend’s newborn for a toy, marking it down to 14 bucks with the card.
-We did some Sam’s Club purchases, like a cocoa-mix gift set. I managed to get an organized file system for four bucks at Borders for another gift.
-We went to Garden Ridge pottery and got a marked-down scarf/hat set that was seven bucks. They also sold some books and I got a book I actually wanted, Wendy Knits for a dollar!
-We knitted sleep masks and shawls from RedHeart acrylic yarn that was two bucks a skein with the Hobby Lobby coupon. We’ve managed to make 5 masks per skein. I am making a shawl for 6 bucks with three skeins (pic coming soon)
-We netted some NICE items for our travel purposes at Bed Bath and Beyond. With my 20% coupon, I got a two-piece carry-on luggage set for $25! It was so lightweight too. Mum got a neck pillow for 7 bucks with her 20% coupon. I HIGHLY recommend utilizing these coupons, as with them they are cheaper for those As Seen on TV items (and escaping the S/H costs involving purchasing online/by mail).
-I am taking advantage of the MovieWatchers Network; I only wished I signed up beforehand. With just the purchase of 3 movies in 5 months, I got free popcorn. The dollar off concessions is NOT a big deal, but getting free food is. No, it didn’t make me watch more movies, if that is what you thought.
There’s still movies I missed, and I get around to watching through Redbox.




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