Membership programs

4 01 2010

Well I did the unthinkable and joined up membership reward programs. You might say they really don’t matter unless you spend a whole lot, though realized, I go to Borders bookstore often for some splurges, I might as well use them. At this point here are the programs I joined: – I was on this one ten years ago when it first came out, and I did get a worthwhile 10 bucks for all the hard work I did doing surveys. Mind you this took me one year. After joining last year, I decided it wasn’t worth it. I wasn’t bothering to spend more to get more, and after 8 months on it, I am still 700 points away from a ten dollar gift card. Really ultimate fail.

Best Buy membership rewards – The last electronic stuff I paid for at Best Buy was a Wii at 180 bucks and a GPS unit marked down to 150. YIKES, wish I thought of this rewards points when I bought the Wii! Nobody asked me and I didn’t bother since I really rarely go there (since Frys is so much closer). Anyways, I didn’t even realize I had to activate my darn account online, so a couple of purchases went AWOL. The customer service was EXTREMELY kind in backtracking my purchases six months, and I was very close to the point marker for a gift card, and they rounded it up so I could get one! WOW! I’ve never had customerservice that nice before! Any motives here? The sad part is, as stated, the two Best Buys I know are really further away from me than Frys, my main computer store.

office depot rewards: I also just started purchasing off this one, 10% back is not bad, as I buy a lot of printer ink. Though I need to check if the printer ink is cheaper over at wal-mart, IF they have it in my number.




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