Way too much spending prior my Vegas trip

13 01 2010

My whole goal of saving money BEFORE going to Vegas is a bust! I just calculated all my spending for the last three weeks and it totaled nearly $500 bucks of clothes, printer ink, snacks, doing my hair/teeth!~

I got comps for $70 bucks off the hotel stay, and got the cheapest best flights. Also, I somehow got half off on the best Ka tickets and got it marked down to 72 bucks per ticket. I am waiting for the Price Is Right tickets to get marked down ten bucks per ticket. I could do tix for tonight half off buying on the same day as the show date, but wondering if I should gamble on that! On a related note, if we were to do Let’s Make a Deal, I did go to Party CIty and get a mardi gras mask marked down from 12 to 4 bucks.

I may have gone way off my head by buying bargains. It is not a bargain if you have to fork over dough. I got Hanes blouses marked down to 7 bucks each and scoured for reduced shipping handling to 2 bucks. Full price I would have spent 18 bucks more. I did like the tops, so that was a plus. I got a bra for 7 bucks marked down from 25 dollars at Sears. NEVER count out Sears, they have a pricing machine (I hadn’t seen this at other dept. stores) to see how much the price tags got marked down. Thankfully, to curb my impulse buying, they did not have the sandals I saw in their ad, so I saved 18 bucks there.

I did get a GREAT bargain worthwhile from Walgreens: I got Halls cough drops two bags worth for 50 cents each. ALWAYS scour for Walgreens bargains: they allow you to use both manuf. coupons and walgreens coupons at once. I also got body wash from phisoderm marked down to 1.69 after a discount from store plus a 2 dollar coupon. Not bad for 12 ounces! Target also had some great deals, and had half off dvds; so I bought a workout dvd. YES, I use youtube clips, but I love the Firm series, so that was a great deal.




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