Best Buy story/prepaid phone cards.

24 01 2010

Fortunately , we had to kill time while our family friend was having a procedure done and needed a ride. Nearby was the Best Buy and needed a phone card anyway since we had a prepaid phone card. With member rewards, you can get 10% off from their coupon; phone cards were listed in the coupon as acceptable. The cashier scanned it and it didn’t go through, so THANKFULLY with no customers in the morning behind us, I didn’t hesitate to ask WHAT phone cards could use the coupon…the manager came up to verify it was a legit coupon and to take off the price manually. WHEW! There are times like these when I’m glad I’m an early bird and do shopping in the mornings before it got to hectic to get assistance! So we got to save 11 bucks there.

The prepaid cell phone we got really answered our problems. We were spending way too much on a plan for a cell phone used only for emergencies and a few calls each month. Also to boot was that the phone is much easier to use as well. Net savings for year was around 400 bucks!!!




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