Vegas trip discounts

13 02 2010

I just got back from Vegas, and for two people it was flight plus hotel = 920 bucks
Here’s the discounts we did and some commentaries on tips and such.
1.We did park n fly and our online discount didn’t amount to much as it nearly matched the discount coupon deal. Next time we won’t bother paying online, as we will pay the total amount at once when we leave the parking lot.

2.Airport shuttle= 12/person nonflight. No discounts here, just the round trip discount of 1.00

3.Price is Right tickets: as mentioned saved 20 bucks using discount

4.Ka at MGM= discount tickets on their website for winter. We’re flabberghasted we got these at 72.00 for the BEST seats. In fact, with the 5th anniversary of Ka, the tickets were marked down to 55 bucks!

5.Eiffel Tower ride, found a 2 for 1 ticket so total cost went down to 10 bucks. Not too shabby!

Some highlight tips: I mulled about bringing my shrug, and glad I did since the first night we didn’t use the heater. I collected plastic chain fobs for casino cards and luckily gave one away since Harrahs does not give them with their cards no longer. I went 20 dollars plus after 3 days of slots. We paid miraculous Hotel prices considering it was Super Bowl Weekend. CONTINENTAL AIRLINES is the WAY to go. I was shocked they were still offering lunch/breakfast as Southwest offers only snacks, and their flight times were so much better! Plus, we managed to rack up more mileage on their OnePass membership (BTW, sign up for this as it gives you free check-ins so I’ve heard). I WANNA GO TO VEGAS AGAIN!




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