where did I save money?

23 02 2010

I might as well make a list of things I didn’t do and add them all up here, since I am trying to get back to Vegas again this yr.

I postponed all the painting classes so that was 150 bucks saved there.
I was proud not to buy the Lee Jeans from Amazon as I realized they had no pockets: $30
I didn’t buy some magazines: net total : 20 bucks
Didn’t buy two shirts=10 bucks
Didn’t buy donuts for 3 weeks (my Latte factor)=10 bucks
Postponed all my knitted yarn purchases=? (since I’m using all my stash that I already have)

So around 220 bucks saved as of the start of this year.

SO how was my coupon count? Granted we don’t have many coupons to use since we go generic anyway.
This week was $1.35 for pizza dough and Lubriderm (which we swear by).
$1.00 off our fish medicine for the Koi pond from PetSmart

It sux that we have now adopted a stray (though she will remain in the backyard) and hopefully by scheduling all her Vet trips to a discount day (as provided by the vet) we’ll save 15%.




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