99 cents store finds

8 03 2010

I lost my second pair of sunglasses, so I really advise buying CHEAPO sunglasses. At the 99 cents store, they have sunglasses marked down to 99 cents. My latest pair I got today, was marked down from 9.99. I also found a rare treat, Brand name Bausch and Lomb contact lens holders (which should be replaced every 3 months) for 99 cents! That’s better than WalMart price at 3.99 per case!

I now buy my trouser socks at 99 cents stores. If you ever wonder how they can sell cheap items, when WalMart, JC Penney buy their limited number of product, the leftover product get sold to the Marshalls, 99 cents, etc. as leftover sales.
I HIGHLY recommend 99 cents stores for cheapo items.




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