Worst purchases ever, and financial foibles

9 03 2010

Someone asked me what were my worst money errors I’ve done, so I decided to blog about it.
I bought a blouse that was a ruffly Edwardian flowery blouse that I only wore twice. I think I got it at Mervyns for 20 bucks, boy did it make me look like one gigantic flower.

Other than speeding tickets, I’ve had HUGE problems paying online bills! If I don’t have something physical like a bill coming to me it is just tough to remember. I had a Shell gas card and I forgot to pay one month and they billed me an extra 20 bucks for a penalty fee! And they are pretty happy not having to remind folks of due dates for online bills. (I didn’t do automated payments because I wanted to see a statement, and I was getting them online, but didn’t get around to paying them.)

I’ll tell you my worst one. Apparantly, one year I didn’t pay my taxes, when I thought I did once I printed out my tax forms from TaxAct. I didn’t find out til the following year when I tried to e-file and they told my my previous AGI was wrong. That was because IRS never got my tax form for the prior year! I had completed the Tax Act filing, but didn’t complete the e-file and for some odd reason that year I didn’t expect a confirmation from Tax Act! So yup, I had to pay another penalty fee for something I thought I completed! I think Tax Act circumstances in the later programs had you e-file and complete that first before you are even allowed to print the forms and also would email and prompt you to complete the filing.




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