More stuff I saved, will buy

13 03 2010

I just remembered other things I didn’t buy: I didn’t buy Teva sandals that would have cost me 100 bucks. I forgoed buying the Magic Bullet, and bought a cheaper version at a Krogers for 12 bucks which I love. So that was 40 bucks saved there. Another 60 was giving up some purchases at The 3 day rule really worked for me where if by the third day I don’t buy it online after seeing it, I simply don’t get it the items. So whew 200 bucks.

At this point, all my money is working toward the next trip to Vegas. We might get this for a long weekend for 650 bucks airfare for two and free stay at IP due to comps. (Which we were astounded they were giving comped rooms for the summer with us gambling so so little!)




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