AAA savings

21 03 2010

The last time we used AAA was two years ago to jumpstart the battery, and even it didn’t work, so we had to use a friend’s jumper cables the next day. The last time I used them to get my door open was a few years ago where I somehow left my keys in the ignition when I got To-go at Jason’s Deli. All that led me to this: with such sparse usage of AAA membership (we last used the travel agency two years ago) I looked at how basic the basic plan was and scaled down to that plan. Net savings= $50

I paid so much for a health bill (but proud I managed to knock off several hundred bucks off the bill simply by calling their office) and my tax snafus that I am trying to save here and there as possible. Believe it or not, we are still doing the Vegas trip and have to save up on that too! I decided NOT to buy that lighted nail clipper from Bed Bath Beyond, because that was frivolous spending.

The reviewing our phone bills did wonders. We were paying 70 bucks a year extra on the phone bill for some emergency plan we had no idea was tack onto the bill. With the prepaid phone, we saved about 420 bucks there.




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