28 04 2010

Longtime no see.  I was tied up with other writing projects, but here is my monthly report of what I did and not do.

I managed to collect all the coins we had.  We used to had to save quarters to use for the tollways, but with an eztag, we didn’t need those coins.  At coinstar, you can get the service fee waived if you took a gift card in lieu of cash.  I managed to get about 80 dollars for amazon/borders gift cards, which I definitely will use. 

One of my largest purchases on Amazon ever was giving in to get some Philosophy 3 in 1 washes, because I was curious of what they smelled like.  I got the cookbook one that had cinnamon buns scent and some minty and some others. 

I managed to win an instant win sweeps and plus do some book reviews.  Net gross =$150

I gave in and sold off my old DVDs and books at cash4books and at Amazon.  I regret not going this avenue sooner, since I was really getting gypped at HalfPrice Books!  Net gain=$33.00




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