16 05 2010

For many years I avoided Philosophy even though I really wanted their 3 in 1 shampoo/soap line. I figured I’d be allergic to it anyway, and therefore not take on this splurge. Well, I gave in and got the Cookbook line, for a marked down price of 22 bucks on Amazon. I absolutely LOVED it! Just the sweet smell of cinnabuns as I shower!

Anyways, after falling in love with this line, I decided to go to Sephora and see if they had those items. They did, with the bridal line and some party line that smelled like lime and margueritas. The asking price? $30 bucks per set. I figured, I had nothing to lose by trying to find a better deal online, and I did. For three sets including tax for various scents at Sephora would have set me back for 99 dollars. I got three sets on the website with a 20% off coupon, no tax, and free shipping for 68 dollars. As a mantra for splurges like this (after going many years getting the annual Sam’s Club supply of body wash for 10 bucks a year), I had to at least promise myself never to go full price and do my darndest to get the best bargain.




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