Soma, wii, etc

26 07 2010

Hi viewers, not much here in terms of bargains, but would like to cover some purchases:
Patience paid off and the dress that I really really wanted this summer got marked off at Soma at 40%. Whew! I also saved 20 bucks by not succumbing to a new Wii game after reading some bad reviews about it. However, I gave in and bought a Wii game online from Wal-Mart because it was a good deal: 20 bucks for a book plus the Wii disc.
My devotion to Borders Books only and avoiding Barnes Noble paid off as I got my 5 dollar credit. Their member rewards is a 3% cash back which is doin better than money markets these days. I also got a 10 dollar gift card for purchasing gift cards from them. So total freebie was 15 bucks this year.
So what did I save on my latest Vegas Trip? The best I did was halfpriceticket shows getting the Pet Comedy tickets at half off. Also making more effort to eat at food courts rather than the fancier places.




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