Whew, more money saved Staples, Wells Fargo caution

31 07 2010

We gave in and bought a new tv to replace the plasma decade old tv that broke down. Hopefully, this will be worth it because a flatscreen will be easier to move. We got a 10 dollar Sears gift card and 10% marked down for using a Sears card for our efforts to purchase at Sears.

More rebates. I got a pack of printer paper for 60 cents after the rebate. I used that rebate to buy lunch at Ikea which got marked down to 2 bucks. Not too shabby meatballs! I won a 5 buck gift card and used it to buy some groceries.

So gift cards and rebates now to date for this year: $10 Borders + $55 winnings +5 rebate + 5 Borders Bucks= 75 dollars back!!!

I did do the Staples backpack rebate so I got a marked down bag for 39 bucks and will get their gift card in six weeks. I researched online, and with two Borders codes got three books minus 9 bucks discount which I would have lost in an actual Borders store.

Finally my tale at Wells Fargo. I read the fine print of their rewards program. Their card COSTS 12 BUCKS A YEAR TO USE to get points! WTF! I called to cancel my program this morning, successfully.




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