yipee more bargains: the Leslie Sansone DVD

12 09 2010

I have been really taking advantage of the Amazon Trade Ins program where you can trade in book/videos/games for Amazon credit. I think it is far better than Half Price books, and plus, I don’t pay shipping to deliver my items. So far I have gotten around 40 dollars since participating six months ago. I sacrificed an exercise DVD to get 4 dollars back. It was a DVD I got at Sam’s Club that actually had a rebate for the total cost of the DVD. With a slight twinge of regret, I had second thoughts about trading it in because it was free, so I GAVE IN and bought a new exercise video at Target. Lo and behold, it also had a similar rebate! So after the smoke cleared, I got a dollar back (counting my 4 dollars trade-in, the Target purchase, and that rebate), and got another exercise DVD!

I had a flurry of good coupons I was able to use. Einstein Bros Bagels had a series of coupons for free lattes and bagels; I really enjoy going there. It is in an easy to go to strip mall that I can drive to before work or after work. It’s next to Michaels and a JoAnns, making it even nicer.

Since it is the start of a new movie season, I’m taking advantage of the AMC Movie Watchers club, and it is really working out. I got free popcorn, free soda so far, and I’m one movie away from a free ticket!




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