8 10 2010

Card Cubby Ebay $10
Amazon teach12 $10 saved
magazine rack 25
shadowbox stand 4.00

Bare with me folks, I’m still here! I hopefully have my blogroll up again. Whew. More to come.
Edit: so you can see up there more bargains I found. Instead of going to the Card Cubby’s site, I won a bid on Ebay and saved 6 bucks. It looks like a little purse! I went the amazon route for my teaching company DVD collection and bought it used. Instead of giving in at Container Store the $25 magazine wall rack, I improvised and used pants hangers to hang my magazines. They did however have a discounted shadowbox (with a cracked corner) that I was glad to buy to store figurines!

My best bargain was today, a groupon competitor offered discounted dental exam, x-rays, and cleaning for 40 bucks! WOW! The idea was for them to sell couchers and once they got the minimum needed, they could release the discounted vouchers.




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