Free shipping day. coupons galore 20 batteries for 47 cents

17 12 2010

Patience paid off and got the best deal over at Barnes Noble. I received two gift cards totalling 45 bucks. I was at lost of what to get at the stores, so I waited one more day to get free shipping at their own site. No minimum needed, whew. I bought two books at 24 bucks paid by gift cards.

I had to pass up on a 10 off of at least 20 bucks coupon at Sears (I had no idea what to buy) and a 50 bucks off 100 bucks at NY Company. Good lord I’ve never bought that much for a wardrobe at one time! Luckily I did get to use a 15% coupon at JC Penney and got 3 bucks off a blouse. Well after everything it got marked off 60%.

After much patience I didn’t have to hit $250 at Best Buy to get $5 off. THey emailed me a coupon for 10 bucks off so I got a boat load of batteries and bought them for just 47 cents!!!




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