2 06 2011

Hi few remaining readers I probably just have:

After 3 years, and way much of other things happening, this blog is going to be on definite hiatus. PLEASE look over my links because bloggers out there are doing a fabulous job maintaining their blogs. Thanks so much for your time and consideration.



8 04 2011

I’m kinda back! And with more bargains.
After so many years of not using rewards cards, I finally did. AND WOW! What bargains I got. In the past couple years I received $150 in gift cards, and some travel bonuses, like redeeming points for airport shuttles rides and parking.

Free shipping day. coupons galore 20 batteries for 47 cents

17 12 2010

Patience paid off and got the best deal over at Barnes Noble. I received two gift cards totalling 45 bucks. I was at lost of what to get at the stores, so I waited one more day to get free shipping at their own site. No minimum needed, whew. I bought two books at 24 bucks paid by gift cards.

I had to pass up on a 10 off of at least 20 bucks coupon at Sears (I had no idea what to buy) and a 50 bucks off 100 bucks at NY Company. Good lord I’ve never bought that much for a wardrobe at one time! Luckily I did get to use a 15% coupon at JC Penney and got 3 bucks off a blouse. Well after everything it got marked off 60%.

After much patience I didn’t have to hit $250 at Best Buy to get $5 off. THey emailed me a coupon for 10 bucks off so I got a boat load of batteries and bought them for just 47 cents!!!

98% refund deal

23 11 2010

I just topped myself with a beauty basket from Wal-Mart. They had a Proctor Gamble gift basket going for 10 bucks. It came with a free magazine subscription, and in small print on the application, you could get cash back if you wanted none of the mags. The refund came to 9.99, so with tax and postage, my basket just got me 1.27 for showerwash, a pouf, and a Venus razor (I originally was browsing for that razor and my eyes moved to the next aisle and saw the gift baskets!) WOW!


8 10 2010

Card Cubby Ebay $10
Amazon teach12 $10 saved
magazine rack 25
shadowbox stand 4.00

Bare with me folks, I’m still here! I hopefully have my blogroll up again. Whew. More to come.
Edit: so you can see up there more bargains I found. Instead of going to the Card Cubby’s site, I won a bid on Ebay and saved 6 bucks. It looks like a little purse! I went the amazon route for my teaching company DVD collection and bought it used. Instead of giving in at Container Store the $25 magazine wall rack, I improvised and used pants hangers to hang my magazines. They did however have a discounted shadowbox (with a cracked corner) that I was glad to buy to store figurines!

My best bargain was today, a groupon competitor offered discounted dental exam, x-rays, and cleaning for 40 bucks! WOW! The idea was for them to sell couchers and once they got the minimum needed, they could release the discounted vouchers.

yipee more bargains: the Leslie Sansone DVD

12 09 2010

I have been really taking advantage of the Amazon Trade Ins program where you can trade in book/videos/games for Amazon credit. I think it is far better than Half Price books, and plus, I don’t pay shipping to deliver my items. So far I have gotten around 40 dollars since participating six months ago. I sacrificed an exercise DVD to get 4 dollars back. It was a DVD I got at Sam’s Club that actually had a rebate for the total cost of the DVD. With a slight twinge of regret, I had second thoughts about trading it in because it was free, so I GAVE IN and bought a new exercise video at Target. Lo and behold, it also had a similar rebate! So after the smoke cleared, I got a dollar back (counting my 4 dollars trade-in, the Target purchase, and that rebate), and got another exercise DVD!

I had a flurry of good coupons I was able to use. Einstein Bros Bagels had a series of coupons for free lattes and bagels; I really enjoy going there. It is in an easy to go to strip mall that I can drive to before work or after work. It’s next to Michaels and a JoAnns, making it even nicer.

Since it is the start of a new movie season, I’m taking advantage of the AMC Movie Watchers club, and it is really working out. I got free popcorn, free soda so far, and I’m one movie away from a free ticket!

Cleaned rebate house

29 08 2010

the office depot rewards were actually working, I got a 21 dollar gift card for my hard work/spending. Whew! I’ve been doing a streak of 10 bucks back: the Target gift card from buying ink, and a 10 dollar Safeway gift card and $10 rebate from buying $30 of Proctor Gamble products. If you were wondering if I made effort like the couponers who buy bulk items, I’m not, there is simply not enough room in my house to keep shelves of products to use in the next five years. I also managed to use a five dollars off coupon at Ulta and got concealer and lipstick marked down to 7 bucks.