My blogroll, Staples

15 08 2010

Hi guys, bear with me, once I put my paloozacity icon on this page, my whole blogroll was gone. At the end of the month, I will have it out here again once the sweepstakes is over.

I was really mulling over getting a Staples rewards account, since I took that deal of buying a backpack (got this HUGE one that had a laptop pocket) at 25% off AND a 100% rebate in form of Staples gift card. But alas, I will give up on it. Staples is really too inconvenient from my home, plus I got an Office Depot and Office Max around here with my existing rewards account. Were those worth it? ABSOLUTELY. I print out so much from my printers, and with officesupplies and ink (mainly from Office Depot) I got 21 bucks cash back!


Whew, more money saved Staples, Wells Fargo caution

31 07 2010

We gave in and bought a new tv to replace the plasma decade old tv that broke down. Hopefully, this will be worth it because a flatscreen will be easier to move. We got a 10 dollar Sears gift card and 10% marked down for using a Sears card for our efforts to purchase at Sears.

More rebates. I got a pack of printer paper for 60 cents after the rebate. I used that rebate to buy lunch at Ikea which got marked down to 2 bucks. Not too shabby meatballs! I won a 5 buck gift card and used it to buy some groceries.

So gift cards and rebates now to date for this year: $10 Borders + $55 winnings +5 rebate + 5 Borders Bucks= 75 dollars back!!!

I did do the Staples backpack rebate so I got a marked down bag for 39 bucks and will get their gift card in six weeks. I researched online, and with two Borders codes got three books minus 9 bucks discount which I would have lost in an actual Borders store.

Finally my tale at Wells Fargo. I read the fine print of their rewards program. Their card COSTS 12 BUCKS A YEAR TO USE to get points! WTF! I called to cancel my program this morning, successfully.

Soma, wii, etc

26 07 2010

Hi viewers, not much here in terms of bargains, but would like to cover some purchases:
Patience paid off and the dress that I really really wanted this summer got marked off at Soma at 40%. Whew! I also saved 20 bucks by not succumbing to a new Wii game after reading some bad reviews about it. However, I gave in and bought a Wii game online from Wal-Mart because it was a good deal: 20 bucks for a book plus the Wii disc.
My devotion to Borders Books only and avoiding Barnes Noble paid off as I got my 5 dollar credit. Their member rewards is a 3% cash back which is doin better than money markets these days. I also got a 10 dollar gift card for purchasing gift cards from them. So total freebie was 15 bucks this year.
So what did I save on my latest Vegas Trip? The best I did was halfpriceticket shows getting the Pet Comedy tickets at half off. Also making more effort to eat at food courts rather than the fancier places.

16 05 2010

For many years I avoided Philosophy even though I really wanted their 3 in 1 shampoo/soap line. I figured I’d be allergic to it anyway, and therefore not take on this splurge. Well, I gave in and got the Cookbook line, for a marked down price of 22 bucks on Amazon. I absolutely LOVED it! Just the sweet smell of cinnabuns as I shower!

Anyways, after falling in love with this line, I decided to go to Sephora and see if they had those items. They did, with the bridal line and some party line that smelled like lime and margueritas. The asking price? $30 bucks per set. I figured, I had nothing to lose by trying to find a better deal online, and I did. For three sets including tax for various scents at Sephora would have set me back for 99 dollars. I got three sets on the website with a 20% off coupon, no tax, and free shipping for 68 dollars. As a mantra for splurges like this (after going many years getting the annual Sam’s Club supply of body wash for 10 bucks a year), I had to at least promise myself never to go full price and do my darndest to get the best bargain.


28 04 2010

Longtime no see.  I was tied up with other writing projects, but here is my monthly report of what I did and not do.

I managed to collect all the coins we had.  We used to had to save quarters to use for the tollways, but with an eztag, we didn’t need those coins.  At coinstar, you can get the service fee waived if you took a gift card in lieu of cash.  I managed to get about 80 dollars for amazon/borders gift cards, which I definitely will use. 

One of my largest purchases on Amazon ever was giving in to get some Philosophy 3 in 1 washes, because I was curious of what they smelled like.  I got the cookbook one that had cinnamon buns scent and some minty and some others. 

I managed to win an instant win sweeps and plus do some book reviews.  Net gross =$150

I gave in and sold off my old DVDs and books at cash4books and at Amazon.  I regret not going this avenue sooner, since I was really getting gypped at HalfPrice Books!  Net gain=$33.00

Succeeding in Patience, my credit card game

1 04 2010

Thru patience, I managed to milk more of my credit card rewards by not redeeming them now. I just found out soon I will get into a better rewards program and not have to settle with lousy rewards! Net gain=60 bucks! WHEW! That was how bad the previous awards program was!

Old Navy, where Impatience actually worked!

22 03 2010

I guess I did something right with a purchase from Old Navy, and perhaps proving impatience is an asset. I saw a shrug weeks ago, and the best I could do was get a 20% coupon online, to mark it down to 18 dollars. I’ve never thought I’d buy a shrug that costly! Anyways, today I was curious if the shrugs were still selling, since I was rueing about seeing a 30% coupon for this week. THEY WERE VIRTUALLY ALL GONE! I didn’t know it would be such a bestseller!